It’s important to first assess whether the project you have in mind requires an architect. Architects are trained to take your brief and assess its immediate requirements, but also consider the bigger picture. If involved at an early stage, architects can acquire important context and knowledge about your project, prevent problems from occurring, offer more opportunity for design and expansion, and can understand the fundamental needs of your project better. If you’re still unsure whether you need an architect, you can learn more about our architecture services here

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Here at A2, we provide a range of services, including:

  • Domestic remodelling
  • Feasibility studies
  • Masterplanning and sustainable design
  • Architecture and Commercial
  • Home Extensions 


We create bespoke architectural projects for a range of sectors – therefore, we take pride in being able to tailor our fees to specific services, budgets and particular needs of an individual project.


Simply, you can be as involved as you want to be. We welcome your ideas and direction – our main aim is to deliver the perfect project for you based on your concept and vision. However, if you prefer us to take the lead, we’re more than happy to use our expertise and experience to deliver what we believe would be the best project for you.


A feasibility study, or feasibility analysis, is an evaluation of the practicality of a proposed plan. Generally, a feasibility study for architecture will take into account material and labour costs, logistics and, most importantly, whether your design can go ahead or not. Learn more about our feasibility studies from A2.


When you choose A2, you are choosing more than just a practice. As chartered architects, designers, and thinkers, we will approach your project with an innovative, modern and creative energy, as well as practical and technical skill. A2 can design, develop and deliver every aspect of the architectural process, providing peace of mind at every step, no matter its scale or requirements.


How to carry out a feasibility study

Ensuring that a feasibility study is carried out in the early stages of any construction project is a vital part of the planning process. But what is a feasibility study, and why is it necessary? Learn how to do a feasibility study report with help from our expert team of architects and designers here at A2.

What is a feasibility study?

A feasibility study, or feasibility report, is an evaluation or analysis of your design to ascertain the validity of the project. This is conducted at the start of a building project and usually interrogates a design concept with elements such as materials, labour costs and planning constraints. Providing design opportunities, financial and legal implications and timescales of the proposed work, a feasibility report will also research the local site history and review planning policies. It is an important stage where we collaborate with you to ensure the proposed plans meet your vision.

Feasibility studies are usually conducted at RIBA Work Stage 1 of the RIBA Plan of Work, and would typically include:

  • Site Plan
  • Location Plan
  • Volume/area of the proposals
  • General arrangement concept drawings including floorplans

What is the purpose of conducting a feasibility study?

The main purpose of a feasibility report is to help safeguard you from unexpected costs along the way. Without a feasibility study, you may reach the building tender stage – only to realise the building costs have been highly underestimated, and your architectural plans will have to be vastly amended, or maybe even cancelled completely. A feasibility allows you to have a strong understanding of the project in-hand – and a solid starting point with more realistic expectations.

Here at A2, we understand how crucial the early stages are of planning any project – which is why a feasibility study is one of the first steps of the process. This follows an initial briefing meeting, where the designer will work up concept drawings in order to help develop your vision. The feasibility report can then begin – allowing the viability of a project to be ascertained before more detailed and costly drawings are required. This way, your vision can be tested and given direction at the very beginning of the process.

Now you know how to do a feasibility study report with help from our expert architects at A2, find out more about our feasibility studies. Alternatively, please contact our design to team for further information and advice.